Young Singer Masya Masyitah's New Hijab-Free IG Photos Elicit Strong Reactions Online



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Young Singer Masya Masyitah's New Hijab-Free IG Photos Elicit Strong Reactions Online

By Ayunie

Renowned young singer Masya Masyitah, aged 23, has caused a stir among her followers with her recent Instagram uploads featuring herself without a headscarf and sporting a hair color reminiscent of a 'Barbie' doll.

The artist, whose birth name is Siti Nurmasyitah Mohd. Yusoff, used the platform to indirectly address past online criticism she faced regarding her appearance and wardrobe choices.

In a seemingly bold and self-assured move, Masya accompanied the photos with a concise caption reflecting her resilience in the face of potential criticism, particularly from netizens who might disapprove of her decision not to wear the headscarf.

"Your mind has to be stronger than your feeling," she expressed in the caption of the uploaded photo.

As expected, the comments section of her post became a melting pot of both criticism and admiration. Masya, who rose to fame with her hit song "Halimunan," received mixed reactions from her followers. While some criticized her choices, there were also those who praised her, comparing her looks to that of a graceful 'Barbie' doll.

Interestingly, Masya had recently captured attention when she shared pictures of herself engaged in a game of badminton while wearing a hoodie that left her neck exposed. This further fueled discussions and speculation about her slowly removing her hijab.

The singer has not been a stranger to online scrutiny, as she had faced severe criticism from netizens before when her outfits seemed to gradually indicate a shift away from wearing the headscarf. Now, with her latest posts on Instagram, this change has become a reality for her.

As Masya's new look continues to spark conversations among her fans and the wider public, her boldness in embracing her unique style remains evident. With her resolute attitude, the singer is unapologetically expressing herself, setting an example of self-confidence and empowerment in the face of scrutiny. 

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