Missing Woman Discovered In The Stomach Of A Snake



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Missing Woman Discovered In The Stomach Of A Snake

By Nick Dorian

After not returning home last Thursday, a farmers husband lodged a report in the hopes of finding his beloved wife and her safe return home. However, events were about to take a shocking turn that could never have been predicted.

In the South Sulawesi province in Indonesia, 50 year-old farmer Farida had gone out to sell her produce. In the evening, her husband began to get worried as she had not returned home. Distressed by this circumstance, her husband began to head out to look for her. 

According to the Head of Kalempang Village, Suardi Rosi, the farmers husband then discovered a 7 metre long snake, with an unusually massive bulge from its stomach. Growing suspicious of seeing the pythons stomach, he called the local villagers to come and kill the reptile. It was then, his suspicions were confirmed.


"The snake was found when her husband went out to look for Farida. Looking at the snake's stomach, it is suspected to have swallowed a victim."

"Because its stomach is too big, the snake has difficulty moving. The situation allowed the locals to capture it." Rosi said.

Upon slicing open the wild animal, a body was discovered to be eaten by the snake. Once analysed, it was then confirmed that the body was indeed to be Farida, much to the devastation of her husband.

X user @Heraloebss had also reported on this case, however we must warn you, the video shown may not be for everyone and we advise you not to watch it if you have a weak stomach. Viewer discretion is advised.

(Source: Kosmo, Kalimantan Live)

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Nick Dorian

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