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Starbucks Lovers | Make sure To Look Out For These Fancy Starbucks Outlets

chivonneww   |   Jun 3, 2020, 11:22   |   1866

Did you know that Starbucks has been established nearly five decades ago, where it was first opened in Seattle, Washington? Today, Starbucks is a renowned coffee and lifestyle brand across the world. Throughout the years, many Starbucks branches around the world have been localized to suit the tastes of their community. Not only by modifying the commercial products, but also the exterior and interior of the Starbucks building itself. Since the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, we can't afford to risk our lives to travel around the world, why not scroll through this article for a tour to some of the most distinctive Starbucks around the globe!

1. Switzerland

In 2013, Switzerland became home to the first-ever Starbucks store on a train. The train itself has two levels and can accommodate up to 50 people at once. In contrast to the usual self-service counters, customers can also order from the comfort of their seats. Many travelers go all the way to Switzerland to take plenty of pictures and experience for themselves this unique way of having Starbucks coffee on a train. 

Photo source: Starbucks Stories and News

2. Dubai

Located in one of Dubai's most luxurious malls, the Ibn Battuta Mall, this grand mosque-like interior definitely catches the eyes of visitors. Persian tiles covering the dome ceiling with a gorgeous chandelier hanging on top showcases Persian Islamic architecture.


Photo source: scottygraham.blogspot.com

3. Beijing, China

Located in the heart of China, Beijing, this unique building just screams China! The exterior of the building seems to be in reference to traditional Chinese shops, and instead of the usual "Starbucks" written in English on the sign plaque, Chinese characters were written to complete the look. Its definitely a place not to be missed, especially if you are a coffee + architecture lover!


Photo source: Wakeke.com.my

4. Kyoto, Japan

In 2017, the world's first Starbucks with Tatami was built in the famous tourist destination in Japan -- Kyoto. A noteworthy fact is that it took 10 YEARS from planning to execution to build this unique store. The purpose of building this store was to give visitors a traditional Japanese atmosphere in the modern-day. In contrary to the usual Starbucks shops you go to, this Starbucks gives you a retro yet quiet ambiance to enjoy your tea (or coffee) in order to experience the traditional Japanese atmosphere. 

Photo source: Lennspo

5. Mexico

This breathtaking exterior of Starbucks is definitely incomparable with any of the Starbucks you've been to! The grand staircase and fountain is part of a Spanish style building, giving you visual satisfaction and will leave you in awe after seeing it in person. It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and beautiful Starbucks stores in the world!


Photo source: foodandwine.com

Of course, these five are just a few of the many other uniquely designed Starbucks stores around the world waiting for you to explore. After seeing all these unique Starbucks designs, wouldn't it be nice for Malaysia to have one of its own infused with local elements too? Maybe... a Starbucks with the shape of a miniature of our iconic Twin Towers! Or... a longhouse structure to showcase our Orang Asli heritage! Anyhow, it's not up to us to decide, so let's look forward to the day when it happens!



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