【Beauty】How To Recover From Bleached Hair: These Flock-Saving Tips Will Bring Back Hope To Your Lifeless Hair



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How To Recover From Bleached Hair: These Flock-Saving Tips Will Bring Back Hope To Your Lifeless Hair

Ayunie   |   Sep 13, 2021, 15:30   |   32

If you're looking to revive your bleached hair, the key here is constant hydration.


Bleaching your hair will undoubtedly suck up all the hydration left in your hair, which is what gives it that dried-up, straw-like look. To fix this, check out the tips below: 

1. Whip Up Some Hydrating Oil Concuction


Making your own DIY hair oils at home could be the one tip that will bring back life to your frizzy bleached hair. Here are the types of oil you can mix together for some gloss and shine:

• Olive Oil

• Coconut Oil

• Almond Oil

• Argan Oil

2. Don't Shampoo Too Much


You tend to lose natural hair oils from your hair follicles if you wash your hair too frequently. For dry, bleached hair, this is suicide. Try to cut back on shampooing and only do it once or twice a week.

3. Go For A Trim


The fastest way to breathe life back into your bleached hair is to trim the split ends— works every time. 

4. Opt For A Keratin Treatment


If all else fails, it won't hurt to refer to the professionals. Keratin treatments can help bring back the shine and makes your hair bouncy again. 

5. Avoid Heat Styling


While waiting for your bleached hair to grow out (you'll eventually need to chop it off), minimize applying heat on it, for obvious reasons. If it can't be avoided, make sure to use heat-protection products to lessen the damage. 

In conclusion, as long as you keep providing your hair with hydration and extra TLC, your bleached hair can still be salvaged. 


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