Selling Alcohol is Illegal?! Prison Up To 3 Years for Cashiers Handling Alcohol Transactions!



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Selling Alcohol is Illegal?! Prison Up To 3 Years for Cashiers Handling Alcohol Transactions!

By MJC97

Recently, The President of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia Bangi, shared that Muslim cashiers in Selangor could be prisoned for up to 3 years for selling alcohol following an incident that he experienced.  

Through his sharing, it is understood that the incident happened when he was queuing to make a payment before realizing the presence of a foreigner who was waiting his turn to pay for six cans of beer.  

“After paying, I asked the cashier if she will be handling the sale of the beer. “I told her, if you continue with the transaction, I will record and make a police report. In Selangor, selling alcohol is a syariah crime,” he said in a post on his Facebook page. 

He added that he also informed the foreigner that the cashier on duty could not continue selling the items purchased because she was a Muslim. “ 

Then another employee came and informed me that they also did not want to sell the liquor but it is their job and had to be done,” he said. 

In addition, he told them that employers could not order Muslim workers to do work that was against the country's laws.  

"You also cannot do work that violates the laws of the country, even if it is written in your employment contract," he explained.  

In the meantime, he also explained the matter to the store manager so that the transaction is not carried out and they will report this matter to superiors for further action.  

“This is the fourth time I have reprimanded a Muslim cashier regarding the sale of alcohol at the payment counter. Alhamdulillah, we managed to stop a wrongdoing,” he said.  

Source - K! ONLINE 

So, dear non-Muslims, if you're buying alcohol at a nearby convenience store, make sure to go to the counter that is handled by a non-Muslim. 

Since we live in a multi-racial and multi-religious country, it is important that we respect other people's religious beliefs to ensure that we all can live together in harmony and in this case to ensure the poor cashier doesn't go to jail!

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