WATCH: RM5 'Fee' For Parking Less Than 10 Minutes Highlights Bukit Bintang's Parking Tout Problem



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WATCH: RM5 'Fee' For Parking Less Than 10 Minutes Highlights Bukit Bintang's Parking Tout Problem

By storyteller24

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Netizens are angered by a suspected parking tout charging a driver RM5 for parking less than 10 minutes near a popular eatery in Bukit Bintang here. TikTok user @__yourcru5h uploaded a video of the incident on Thursday.

The video showed a woman asking a motorist to pay a fee for parking at the roadside for less than 10 minutes to go to a popular Middle Eastern restaurant.

@__yourcru5h Orang yang bukan under DBKL tiba tiba datang mintak bayar parking 5ringgit sedangkan parking tak sampai 10minit nak beli damascus kat bukit bintang . Tolong pihak dbkl siasat benda ni . Perkara macamni tak sepatutnya berlaku and pihak polis mintak tolong pantau lokasi berhampiran damascus ada pihak yang tak bertanggungjawab makan duit parking sedangkan itu parking awam @polisdirajamalaysia_pdrm #DBKL #DewanBandarayaKualaLumpur #Fyp #BukitBintang #damascusbukitbintang #fypterkini #fypviral original sound - L

"Someone not from Kuala Lumpur City Hall suddenly came and asked for RM5 for parking, even though it took less than 10 minutes for us to buy what we wanted from Damascus," the TikTok user said in the video.

He said he refused to pay the fee as he felt it was a public area where anyone could park their vehicle. In the video, the TikTok user and his friend could be heard questioning the woman about why they had to pay RM5 for parking only "eight to 10 minutes". They said even shopping mall carparks did not charge that much.

The suspected parking tout said: "If you don't want to park, then leave. There were no issues with other people." This sparked an argument. The video has received 438,500 views at press time.

"DBKL, please look into this matter. This should not happen. Police, please monitor this location near Damascus. "There are irresponsible parties who take money for parking when it is a public parking lot," the TikTok video's caption said.

In the comments section, netizens shared their experience with parking touts in the same area. They applauded TikTok user @__yourcru5h for speaking up about the matter.

"I was charged RM10. It was 3am and I was alone. I was scared to argue because it was a man (who asked for money)," said user @qrsyhmrh_. 

User @Abam_Ustaz said: "I had to pay RM15. They are like gangsters. I was worried because there were children with me, so I just paid. Would've argued if I was by myself."

User @mielyia92 said the touts must earn a lot in Bukit Bintang. "Next time, don't pay. Just call the police. Imagine collecting RM5 per car or RM10 per hour. They can get a lot easily."

Netizens urged the authorities to take strict measures against parking touts in Bukit Bintang.

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