"Why Are S'poreans So Rude?" Expat Shares Horrible Encounter With S'porean Grab Driver And Compares It To Malaysian Warm Hospitality



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"Why Are S'poreans So Rude?" Expat Shares Horrible Encounter With S'porean Grab Driver And Compares It To Malaysian Warm Hospitality

By Ayunie

In a recent TikTok video shared by @nicolecrewe, an international model who recently moved to Singapore from Malaysia, she emotionally narrates her first negative encounter in Singapore. Her heartfelt video sheds light on an incident with a Grab driver that left her feeling shocked and upset.

Nicole begins the video by explaining how her Grab driver missed the entrance to her hotel, suggesting that she walk instead of being dropped off at the correct location. She insisted that she had paid for the ride, which included a drop-off service at her designated destination. However, instead of accommodating her request, the driver's behavior took an unexpected turn.

The Grab driver began acting harshly and driving recklessly, causing Nicole distress and fear. Her decision to exit the vehicle seemed like the only choice to ensure her safety. In her video, Nicole expresses her longing for her previous home in Malaysia and compares her experience in Singapore, where she felt rudeness marred her initial impressions.

Watch her video below, or click here to watch it on TikTok:

@nicolecrewe So so so so bad I miss my beloved Malaysia so much. #singaporetiktok #singaporetrending #singaporelife #rudedriver #fyp #foryoupage #foryou original sound - Nicole

Nicole's TikTok post garnered a response from both Malaysians and Singaporeans, who offered apologies and reassurance that her unfortunate encounter does not reflect the behavior of all Singaporeans. One comment reads, "I'm so sorry you had to experience that! I promise not all of us are like that," while another says, "As a Malaysian, I think you should give Singapore a chance. Not all Singaporeans are as bad as the Grab driver."

Nicole's video serves as a reminder that individuals' experiences can vary, and it's essential to remember that one negative incident does not define an entire place or its people. The supportive comments from Malaysians and Singaporeans also underscore the importance of kindness and understanding when encountering newcomers in a foreign land.

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