Woman Discovers Tour Agency Discriminating Against Other Races



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Woman Discovers Tour Agency Discriminating Against Other Races

By JustineG

A Malaysian woman has called out a local tour agency for being blatantly racist after one of its agents started to categorize people based on their race. 

The woman, Jess Rajan said she was enquiring about a tour package for her and her family and asked three simple questions regarding it when suddenly the agent started asking what was her race. 


"Being in sales and sending people abroad was once a job I had. I for one have never spoken to anyone this way and race was never a matter up for question."

The agent asked her straight if she was Chinese or Indian after she inquired about the slots, the size of the tour groups, the weather, and the clothing required. She then responded by asking the agent why it was necessary to inquire about her race, and the conversation continued.


"Usually Indians will ask a lot of things," the agent proceeded to reply. 


He didn't stop there. Then when she asked what about those who are Chinese, he answered, "Chinese only 2 questions." The agent claimed that when it came to Malays, they would often inquire as to whether the company was Malay-owned or not and the conversation would usually end there. 

The agent then justified himself by claiming that an Indian would regularly ask silly questions for him to answer.


After that exchange, Jess went on to ask for his supervisor's name and replied to him saying, "Race has nothing to do with the inquirer." To which he responded, it does. 

She emphasized that his job is to entertain questions and that she works in the same industry as him. He corrected her by pointing out that different industries have different approaches to things.

We can only presume that after learning his supervisor's name and number, she got in touch with the individual, which is what prompted him to apologize to her a few hours later. He did, however, write in his text that he has many friends who are Chinese and Indian and that he is not a racist.

"I am angered, frustrated, dumbfounded, misunderstood, judged, shocked, ashamed, and sad. I was not given an equal chance because of the color of my skin," she wrote.

This common claim of innocence by association demonstrates how prejudiced the individual actually is, not less.

She wrote in her caption, "Your apology was a sad attempt to cover what a racist you truly are."

It's just sad that we still live in a society where people are judged by their skin color. 

Here's to hoping that there'll be a change, sooner than later.

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