WATCH: Angry Customer's Drama At Mamak Over Delayed Delivery Order, Sparks Hilarious Reactions From M'sians



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WATCH: Angry Customer's Drama At Mamak Over Delayed Delivery Order, Sparks Hilarious Reactions From M'sians

By JustineG

A video of an irate customer at a Mamak restaurant in Malaysia recently went viral on social media, drawing amusing reactions from Malaysians. 

The customer caused a commotion in the restaurant, shouting at the staff and requesting a refund for her delayed order. 

Apparently, the customer had placed an order through a food delivery platform but had yet to receive it, prompting her to drive to the restaurant to investigate the delay.

She even threw a pot of curry on the floor!

Despite the restaurant staff remaining calm and focused on their work, the angry customer in red threw a pot of curry on the floor after a staff member muttered something that further infuriated her. 

One of the staff members got mad and yelled back by stating that it was not the restaurant's issue to deal with as it was not their fault and that if she wanted a refund, she had to file a complaint via the food delivery app.

Not only were the others shocked, but some even had hilarious facial expressions!

The other customers in the restaurant had a range of reactions, with one Grab driver appearing astonished when the customer, who initially appeared Malay, spoke in fluent Tamil to the staff.

There was also an elderly man enjoying a hot cup of tea and a couple preoccupied with their own meal.

Despite one lady's effort to intervene and settle the issue with the furious customer, her attempts proved futile and she eventually gave up, leaving the scene.

It also appears that one of the customers left a review on Google Reviews and it turns out that they were not alone in their complaints about the staff's rudeness and service.

How would you have dealt with this scenario if you were present in the restaurant?

Watch here for the full video: 

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