Attention Coldplay Fans! Ultimate Guide To Coldplay Concert Seats You Shouldn't Miss Or Sit In



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Attention Coldplay Fans! Ultimate Guide To Coldplay Concert Seats You Shouldn't Miss Or Sit In

By JustineG

Excitement is in the air as Coldplay is set to grace the stages of Malaysia, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the ticket sales. Today marked the pre-sale for CIMB cardholders, while the general public can secure their tickets starting tomorrow. 


But before to general public, before you make your purchase, we have some valuable tips from seasoned concert-goers who are well acquainted with the seating layout at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil. They have kindly shared insights on the best seats to snag and the ones to avoid.

According to numerous fans, the seating charts for Coldplay's concert are expected to be similar to those of previous shows, such as Blackpink and Billie Eilish. A Twitter user has provided a list of seats you should steer clear of if you're planning to catch Coldplay live this November. 

Here are the seats to avoid:

- Cat 5 Section 110

- Section 207, Row G, Seat No. 37 (you might be seated on the stairs)

- Cat 4, Section 212, Row W (view will be blocked by a fence)

- Cat 4, Section 212, Row A, Seat No. 18

- Section 213, Row Y

*It's important to note that this list is based on the seating chart for Blackpink's concert.

Moving on, the Twitter user also referred to Billie Eilish's concert, providing additional seats to avoid due to potential obstructions:

- Cat 4, Section 212, Row A, Seat No. 18 (fence obstructing the view)

- Cat 1, Row A (Red Zone)

- Cat 4, Section 228

Other concert-goers have chimed in with their experiences, highlighting seats with poor views. For example, Cat 5, Section 101, and Cat 4, Section 214, Row C were mentioned as having limited visibility. Despite being close to the stage, the middle screen in Section 214, Row C was reportedly not easily visible.

Now that we've covered the seats to avoid, let's move on to the seats worth considering:

For those on a budget, Cat 6, Section 313 offers a panoramic view of the entire stadium, allowing you to capture memorable videos on your phone.

Additionally, Cat 5, Section 103 provides a direct and clear view of the stage and screens at a reasonable price. Cat 7, Section 203, and Cat 6, Section 313 are also recommended options.

Even if you find yourself sitting far from the stage, the screens will ensure you don't miss out on seeing your favourite artist perform. Cat 3 seats also offer a worthwhile view.

Now that you have a better understanding of which seats to avoid and which ones to aim for, it's time to gear up for the ticket sale tomorrow starting at 10 AM. 

Make sure you have a stable internet connection and test everything out today to ensure a smooth purchasing experience. Good luck!

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