These Are The Top 6 Cursed Phone Numbers You Should Never Call



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These Are The Top 6 Cursed Phone Numbers You Should Never Call

By JustineG

If you're a fan of horror movies, you might have come across the film "Ghost Phone," where a cursed phone number brings forth terrifying events. Believe it or not, such phone numbers actually exist in real life. Today, we're diving into the six creepiest phone numbers in history, with rumours of people losing their lives after dialling these mysterious digits.

6666666666 (China)

Countless stories have circulated online about people who dialled or texted this number, only to receive malevolent responses. Some claim to have heard heavy breathing at night, while others received strange threats and warnings. There are even accounts of people waiting endlessly for a reply, which never came.

9999999999 (Thailand)

In Malaysia, 999 is the emergency hotline, but in Thailand, there's an urban legend surrounding this series of nines. Locals believe that dialling this number connects you to a demon who will claim your soul. While the belief might not be widespread, it still sends shivers down the spine of those who dare to test it.

15900612868 (China)

Legend has it that the previous owner of this number discovered her husband's infidelity and tragically took her own life. Unaware of the history, one of her friends dialled the number and was met with sounds of weeping. Amidst the sobs, the voice vowed to make the husband and the third party pay. Strangely, both the husband and the third party met untimely deaths, as did the friend who made the call. Rumour has it that anyone who dials this number will meet their demise within three months.

010-67679910 (China),f_auto,q_auto:best/newscms/2016_43/1169631/ghost-woman-tease-today-161026.jpg

This social media sensation who is known for her eccentricities, once shared her terrifying encounter with this number. Many Beijing residents also claimed to have received calls from it irregularly for the past three years. The eerie part is that when you call back, you hear disturbing sounds like women crying, babies wailing, and blood-curdling screams.

090-4444-4444 (Japan)

This number sends shivers down your spine. It traces back to a chilling story from the 1970s in the UK, where numerous phone booths were scattered across the streets. One particular number stood out, allowing free calls. When dialled, a woman's voice with an eerie monotone would repeatedly say, "Help me, Susie is dying." At times, the message changed to "Help me, Susie is drowning." Truly bone-chilling and one of the creepiest phone numbers ever.

1313 (China)

Typical phone numbers consist of eleven digits, but this particular number stands out. Some have dialled it only to encounter a deadline, while others claim to have heard a ghostly woman's cries or the chanting of the Buddhist Great Compassion Mantra. The terrifying tales of this number have spread far and wide throughout China.

These eerie phone numbers remind us that sometimes reality can be just as terrifying as fiction. While we can't confirm the veracity of these stories, they continue to haunt the imaginations of those brave enough to explore the unknown.

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