7 Surprising Boob Facts You Probably Didn’t Know



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7 Surprising Boob Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

By Ayunie

As a vital part of our body's reproductive anatomy, breasts are often looked at as a mere display of sexual anatomy, but they're cup-able of more than just that. 


In honor of breast cancer awareness month, here are some facts about boobs that'll probably blow your mind. 

1. Men Can Actually Breastfeed


Yes, in theory, it is indeed possible. although it doesn't occur under a normal condition, male lactation could happen when the production of the hormone prolactin is activated. 

2. Sleep Position Can Affect Its Shape


As it turns out, pressing your breasts against the mattress while you sleep will, inevitably, cause them to misshapen over time, experts say. Best sleeping position? On your side, with a pillow underneath the breasts. 

3. The Left One Is Usually Larger


For whatever reason, your left size usually has a slight advantage when it comes to sizing, and often has more tissue compared to the other one. Experts can't quite explain why, but the facts are definitely there. 

4. Smoking Can Cause Sagging


As if smoking isn't already bad enough, it can also be the reason your breasts lose their elasticity. While drooping of the breasts is completely normal and shouldn't be a stigma, smoking-induced sagging isn't exactly something to celebrate. Smoking kills the elastin that contributes to the suppleness of your breasts, which will eventually affect their natural beasts. 

5. You Can Reach Orgasm Through Your Nipples


This might be a "duh" moment for some people, but there's quite a large number of people who aren't aware of this. So yes, nipple stimulation is a thing, and you'd be surprised at how many women (and men) are actually into it. 

6. Annie Hawkins Holds The World's Largest Natural Breast In The World Record 


Just in case you were wondering, New York born Annie Hawkins has the world's largest natural breast on record. Her chest-over-nipple measurement is 70 inches, with each one of her breasts weighs heavier than an average four-year-old child. 

7. Studies Show That Men Who Prefer Smaller Boobs Are More Financially Secure


According to this 2013 study, men with less financial stability tend to prefer larger breasts compared to men that are more financially comfortable. The study also suggests that men who foresee children in their future tend to go for women with large breasts. 


No matter the size that they come in, your breasts are individually unique and beautiful in their own ways. Last but not least, boobs rule. 

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