Malaysia To Produce Its Own Halal-Certified Covid-19 Vaccines?



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Malaysia To Produce Its Own Halal-Certified Covid-19 Vaccines?


Specifically, Malaysia is planning to produce its own halal-certified influenza vaccines by 2024, through the Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceutical (MVP) Sdn Bhd, and the vaccines will be distributed not only locally, but also to several foreign countries as well.  

MVP Executive Director Rashidah Ibrahim says the government initiative will serve as a strategic preparation in the event of another pandemic in the future. He also added that the vaccines would be rolled out in the first three years following the year 2024 with a maximum of 10 million doses of vaccines produced.

MVP Sdn Bhd, a company that produces vaccines for poultry— has manufactured 16 poultry vaccines in the country done by local experts since 1994 for the domestic market, and most of them are exported to multiple countries.

According to Rashidah, the establishment of the MVP Healthcare branch is a step for the firm to venture into the field of human vaccine production in accordance with its vast experience, expertise, and technology.  

Former minister of health Dr. Adham Baba said the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the government to focus more on strengthening the health and food safety net by focusing on science, research, and technology-related areas, and producing halal-certified vaccines is a step closer to that goal.

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