#DaruratBanjir List Of NGOs And Organisations You Can Donate To Help Malaysia’s Flood Victims



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#DaruratBanjir List Of NGOs And Organisations You Can Donate To Help Malaysia’s Flood Victims

By Ayunie

As we all know, a few districts in Selangor have been temporarily immobilized due to the massive flooding that happened over the weekend. The aftermath of it all has left thousands of individuals stranded and now, these victims are in dire need of donations and assistance of all kinds.


Below, we have compiled a few organisations in which you can donate if you wish to help the flood victims. Every ringgit counts. 

1. Parti MUDA Selangor

• Click here to donate directly: https://maribantu.my/banjir/

2. Impactive Malaysia 

3. Malaysian Red Crescent 

4. Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya 

5. MERCY Malaysia

6. Human Aid Malaysia

7. Groove Grocer And WOMEN Girls

8. We Listen Malaysia

9. HALUAN Malaysia 

10. Global Peace Malaysia 

• Click here to donate directly: https://jomsedekah.com/donations/tabungbencana/

• How to pay using #JomPay:

Biller code: 29058

Ref 1: Tabung Bencana

Ref 2: Jenis Bantuan

11. Adab Youth Garage

12. IMARET Malaysia 

13. Mahasiswa Pakatan Harapan

14. Hero Rescue 

15. MBM Humanitarian Relief

16. Hunger Hurts Malaysia 

17. MyCARE

• Click here to donate directly: https://donate.mycare.org.my/c/appeal

Lastly, we'd also like to remind you to double-check the organization of your choice and donate wisely, to avoid falling prey to fake charity collectors. 

You can click here to check for the legitimacy of any NGOs before you donate. For a comprehensive list of aid for the flood victims, here is a Google Sheet link where you can check out all necessary information and contact numbers that may be helpful. 

Hope this helps!

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