If You Are Suffering From Depression, Try & Practice These 10 Things



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If You Are Suffering From Depression, Try & Practice These 10 Things

By ellephant

Sometimes life can be a little too much and as a result, we struggle. 

Mental health is a tricky spectrum, and some days you win, while other days not so much. 

However, it isn't entirely impossible to find little wins through the failed days. 

Here are 10 practices you can attempt, if you have been someone who has been coping with depression. 

Check them out. 


1. Take your vitamins - they help more than you know (especially B and D)

2. Follow the sun - sleep when you're supposed to, and be up when the sun is up, you have to get your sunlight in

3. Avoid falling sick - wash your hands, mask up, salt water gargles and drink some lemon water, precaution is better than cure

4. Feel the air - go out for a walk every once in a while

5. Love your home - spend time at home, me-time and also we-time with your closest people

6. Stay away from boredom - keep yourself preoccupied, work on your hobbies, the things which drive you

7. Be around people - don't be alone, spend time with other people

8. Take care of yourself - get up everyday, shower and brush your teeth, no matter how hard it feels

9. Choose joy everyday - find happiness, gratefulness and lock up negative thoughts

10. Easy meals - eat something, even if it's something easy, just eat

They may seem like small things, but most every time, it is always the smallest things. 

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