Dream Skin 2024. Listen Up and Take Notes, We've Got The Tea!



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Dream Skin 2024. Listen Up and Take Notes, We've Got The Tea!

By ellephant

As the new year approaches, we really need to be doing everything we can for the best skin, because we grown!

We stumbled across some perfect tips to follow to have great-as$ skin as 2024 starts tomorrow. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind. Check them out. 

1. Proper double cleansing


First oil cleanser to remove sunscreen, makeup and access sebum that could potentially clog your pores. Then rinse and use a gel or cream face wash to wash your face for a minimum of 60 seconds. 

2. Think bigger than hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid is great for your skin, but also start looking for barrier products that have panthenol, madecassoside, centella, asiatica, niacinamide, allantoin. They are barrier supporting ingredients. 

3. Spearmint tea!


If you have hormonal acne, or usually get spots around your chin when its that time of the month, drink 1-2 cups of spearmint tea a day. 

It is known to reduce testosterone levels and can help balance out any excess androgen levels. It also helps with painful period cramps. You could feel calmer, and have more glowing skin. 

4. Put your hair up when you sleep


If you don't wash your hair everyday and you put leave in products on your hair, you should put it up before sleeping. 

All the grime, the sweat, the oil from your scalp and the oils from all the products you use gets onto your pillow sheet and then onto your face. 

5. Start using azelaic acid


It tells your skin to calm down and stop producing inflammatory responses. It's great for acne. This also minimizes retinoid purge. 

6. Skincare in dim lighting


Do your skincare in dim lighting, or do it far away from a mirror. You could even close your eyes to prevent yourself from focusing on any skin texture that you might have. It prevents picking and scarring. 

7. Curb big triggers


Be sure to drink your water, eat your fruits and greens, keep stress to a bare minimum and have enough sleep.

With these 7 steps, dream skin 2024 may not be unattainable after all!

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