Friend Stabbed Over RM30 Debt



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Friend Stabbed Over RM30 Debt

By Nick Dorian

In every friendship, undoubtedly tensions and arguments are bound to arise. If that relationship is strong enough, communication & understanding will ultimately resolve the harshest of disagreements. However, some issues, may lead to less unfortunate, and sometimes violent consequences.

In an incident reported by Sin Chew Daily, a man was viciously stabbed in the neck and his left chest by his close friend over the failure to repay his debt of a mere RM30. The confrontation, which occurred at midnight on Wednesday (6th March) at the victims residence, began when the when the suspect, a man in his twenties, sought to reclaim a small debt from his friend, which subsequently resulted in a fierce argument. The situation then took a turn for the worse, resulting in the debtor brandishing a knife and leaving his friend in a severe state of health. 

Engulfed in pain, the man screamed for help and managed to seek assistance from his roommate. The victim was subsequently rushed to the University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM) seeking urgent medical assistance, where he is now reported to be in stable conditions.    

Petaling Jaya District Police Chief Shahrulnizam Bin Jaafar stated that the attackers aggressive behavior was more than likely fueled by the influence of narcotics, and further aggravated by the victims refusal to settle the RM30 debt. 

Upon his subsequent arrest after law enforcement arrived on the scene at 1AM, the suspect was tested positive for drugs and police are currently conducting further investigations under Section 326 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

With financial troubles plaguing many of us in this day and age, violence towards others to regain those monetary funds should never be the answer. And while disputes between companions always will occur, resorting to anger and discontent can prove that regrettable choices in our actions can never be undone. Remember, always be kind to yourself and to those you hold close to you.

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Nick Dorian

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