#GoodyEats: It’s Taco Time at Lebuh Carnarvon, Penang.



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#GoodyEats: It’s Taco Time at Lebuh Carnarvon, Penang.

By MJC97

Dear Penangites, if you’re craving for tacos, you don’t have to “langgar SOP” and risk getting the RM10 000 saman. 

All you have to do, is visit the mysterious Mr. Flacko, a guy who has what you need and can get it to you fast.


Mr. Flacko is a fast-food joint in Penang that serves Mexican Food! They have tacos, they have nachos, they have burritos, they have quesadillas. 


You name it, they’ve got it.

+ The Beginning 

It all started with a mural. 


Mr. Chan, the owner of Mr. Flacko ventured into the F&B industry after painting an enormous two-storey mural at Prangin Lane in Georgetown Penang, and acquiring the lot next to it for a reasonable price. 

He started his adventure into the F&B world with a partner and opened a café selling desserts but after a while, he decided that it was time for change. 

After doing some research, he identified that Mexican food is quite similar to Asian food especially since both Mexican and Asian food have rice and well-seasoned, flavourful meat, which means, it could possibly be well-accepted in Malaysia. 

And boy, oh boy, was he right. 

After changing the menu and rebranding the café to Mr. Flacko, there were crowds and crowds of people swarming his café. It was a hit. 

Then came COVID-19 and the whole MCO. 

Mr. Chan decided that the best way for customers to still enjoy his tasty food while following the SOPs and keeping them safe was to transition into a fast-food joint. This way, his loyal customers could easily drop by and tapau some Mexican food and go. 

Safer, faster, and easier.


+ Food

Here’s some of the food that we tried and would 100% recommend:

The Flacko Special are two soft shell tacos filled with deliciously spicy chicken, cheese, fresh salad and of course, salsa. 


The Double Supreme. A combination of both the soft and hard shell to give you an extra crunch of yumminess when biting into this tasty taco filled with mildly spicy chicken, cheese, salad, and salsa. 


The Burritos are jam packed with flavoursome ingredients like rice, chicken, salsa, cheese, and salad, that will definitely fill your tummy. 


They have the best Quesadillas! It is absolutely yummy with the flavours of the cheese, chicken and salsa. 


Last but definitely not least are the Nachos! Crunchy corn tortillas topped with chicken, cheese, and salsa.



The food is served with a drink of your choice. They have 5 different soft drinks you can choose from and we recommend the passion fruit drink. 

+ #OOTD Spot

The vibrant, orange-coloured walls with cute doodles makes the whole place an #ootd spot. 



But, if you go to the back of the restaurant, where there are high stools and a white brick wall, you can definitely strike a powerful sitting down pose and get a cute and quick #OOTD snap for the gram. 


+ Future Plans for Mr. Flacko

Mr. Chan is a visionary. 

In the future, he sees Mr. Flacko not only as a Mexican fast-food chain with outlets all over Malaysia but also all over the world.

So, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Flacko. 


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