MENs FASHION | 5 Casual Men’s Outfit to Up Your Game



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MENs FASHION | 5 Casual Men’s Outfit to Up Your Game

By xweienx

Men’s outfits don’t usually get a lot of variety, but there’s also an upside to that. As long as you’re neatly dressed, stay clean, not have too many complicated accessories, and match colors correctly, you’ll most likely look great! You don’t have to be eye catching to be attractive, just be pleasing to look at. These 5 outfits we’re sharing today will help you up your outfit game with ease and build your confidence!

1. Blue Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Beige Shorts

Blue is a great color because it is not too dark and dull, but also not too bright and eye-catching. Combine it with some beige shorts and you’ll get a pretty casual outfit. This is suitable for hanging out with your friends or day-to-day wear, subtly showcasing your fashion sense.

2. Beige Sweater + Straight-Cut Pants

A very Korean “Oppa” style, this outfit is suitable for tall and broad-shoulder men. The colors might seem boring to you, but this combination of earthly colors actually give out a bright mood if done correctly!

3. Collared White Shirt + Normal-Cut Jeans

Men can NEVER go wrong pairing white shirts with jeans. If you don’t know what to wear or how to match your outfits, go for this combination as long as the event or venue allows for jeans. That means anything from a coffee with friends to a movie date, you’ll be A-OK! To get a more formal look, consider tucking in the shirt.

4. Sweater + Jogger Pants

This is another Korean inspired look that is simple and comfortable! Although our weather might not permit this outfit all the time (that’s why we suggest cooler jogger pants and not the hot sweatpants), you should definitely bring this out when it’s colder outside. Pair this with a pair of hip sneakers and you’ll get the perfect combination of comfort and style!

5. Jackets

If you think a T-shirt with jeans is a little too simple, top up your outfit with a bomber jacket and your style points will instantly shoot off the roof! Get one that is a little loose and stylish so it can match with almost anything. One friendly advice though, try to stay indoors with this one?

So, bookmark this page for the next time you go out or go shopping. Try out any of these outfits and you’re bound to start hearing some compliments from the ladies!

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