Take Your Little Black Dress to the Next Level with These Outfits



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Take Your Little Black Dress to the Next Level with These Outfits

By xweienx

For many women, having different outfits for different occasions is crucial. However, our budgets might stop us from buying a new outfit for every single event. Introducing the little black dress (LBD), one of the most versatile pieces in your arsenal if used well. Today, we’re sharing 7 different ways to outfit yourself using that little black dress to look cute, elegant, or just plain sexy!


1. Suit Jacket + LBD

This combination is truly versatile, giving you freedom to attend both formal and casual events. Throw on a suit jacket with your LBD underneath and you’re ready for work. Have a date after work? Leave your coat behind and instantly get that sexy look!


2. Denim Jacket + LBD

Denim jackets fit into a huge array of outfits. What happens when you pair a multipurpose denim jacket with a multipurpose LBD? You get a cool, yet not too casual outfit. Complete the look with some makeup and you’re ready for that #OOTD anywhere!


3. Knitted Sweater + LBD

Looking to be the gentle and warm lady today? Just match your LBD with a knitted sweater. A long sweater would give you a more reserved look while a short one emphasizes your waistline, making your look taller and more slender overall.


4. Shirt + LBD

There are 2 ways to make this work: wear your shirt over your LBD as a jacket or wear it under your LBD. Both have their own unique feel so it's up to you to decide what to go with. Remember that your LBD is there to highlight your body and its curves!


5. T-shirt + LBD

This is quite a common style as it makes a person look younger, more refreshing, and livelier. If that’s the mood you’re going for then a T-shirt under your LBD is the way to go!


6. Long-sleeved Top + LBD

If you’re looking for that sweet elder sister look, then consider a long-sleeved top with your LBD. White or cream colors will get you that Korean “noona” feel.


7. LBD + White Sneakers

For the ultimate cute and sexy outfit, look no further that a simple LBD paired with white sneakers and an occasional cap. The whole outfit screams personality and you’ll definitely turn a few heads!


It’s like they say, every girl needs a little black dress in their lives. If you have one, bookmark this page so you’ll never have a “I don’t know what to wear” day. If you don’t already have one, what are you waiting for?

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