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You’ve Been Googling the Wrong Way! Here’s a cheat sheet to do it right.

MJC97   |   Jun 14, 2021, 21:44   |   539

Need any information? Google search will definitely be there for you. You don’t need encyclopedias or a whole library of books just to write a short blogpost or caption for your Instagram photo. 

Well, just thought you’d like to know that you’ve been googling the wrong way. There’s actually a ton of hacks and cheats that you can use to get exactly what you’re looking for. 

1. Two Dots ..

Adding two dots to your search will help you find information within a period of time, a measurement or even a price range. 

Try googling this: iPhone RM1000..RM2000

2. Quotation Marks “ ”


This helps you search for an exact phrase

Try googling this: "casecation all I ever wanted"

3. Related:

Add this to the front of your search and you can find websites similar to the one you’re searching for

Try googling this: Related: pinterest.com/

4. Location: 

Adding this to the front of your search will help for something within your location

Try googling this: Location: pizza


5. Asterisk *

Use this symbol in the place for a word that is unknown or for a word that you forgot. 

Try googling this: an * a day keeps the * away

6. site: (insert website) (insert term)

When adding site in front of your search, you will then have to add a website next to it and then any term or word that you are looking for within that website. Site: will help you search for that exact work within that exact website

Try googling this: site: goodymy.com plants

7. Dash -word

Adding the subtract symbol will help you remove a certain word or term from the search results.

Try googling this: investing in Malaysia -bursa

8. Stocks: 

This will show you the stock price of a company. 

Try googling this: stocks: Facebook


9. 2 sports teams names 

This will show you the latest score of a current game

Try googling: England Croatia


10. info: (insert site)

This will help you get information of a certain cite like the cache of the site, similar pages, pages linked to the site and so on

Try googling: info: goodymy.com


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