RM1,300 Balenciaga Hair Clips Look Like Normal Black Hairclips That Cost RM3 for 12 On Shopee!



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RM1,300 Balenciaga Hair Clips Look Like Normal Black Hairclips That Cost RM3 for 12 On Shopee!

By MJC97

Well, if you're looking to make a purchase that will cost you a lot of money and will have you crying and regretting your purchase as soon as you hit "Buy Now", this will definitely do the job! 

After the fiasco with the RM7,190 non-waterproof Adidas X Gucci umbrella, never could we predict that these boujee brands could make anything more outrageous than that. Well, looks like we were wrong. 

Balenciaga has recently decided that they want to top Adidas and Gucci by creating these hair clips that look exactly like the ones we used to wear at school to clip our hair so that it doesn't block our faces and price them at RM1,300. 


To make it look a little different from the normal clips, the iconic Balenciaga gold-coloured logo was printed on the hair clips. Besides that, in the product details on their website, it is stated that the product was made from steel in Italy. It only comes in one size, XXL which is 3.9 (L) x 0.3 (H) x 1.1 (W) in inches and one colour, black. 


When we were in school we used to buy one whole set of 12 of these clips from the night market and use it until we lost them! So, we decided to check how much it costs on Shopee and turns out the price didn't increase that much! It is only RM3 for 12 clips!


Yes, it doesn't have the fancy gold logo and it isn't made in Italy but it does the exact same thing! 

So if you want your own hair clip that holds your hair back, here are both the link, we hope you choose wisely: 

> Balenciaga XXL Clip

> Shopee Clip

Which one of your friends is boujee enough to buy the expensive Balenciaga XXL Clip? Tag them in the comments section!

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