"Bunch Of Hypocrites!" Man Gets Fired From KL Restaurant For Wearing A Cross, Netizens Outraged



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"Bunch Of Hypocrites!" Man Gets Fired From KL Restaurant For Wearing A Cross, Netizens Outraged

2 Weeks ago
By sleepingbeauty

The well-known Mon Chinese Beef Roti Restaurant in Bukit Bintang is facing criticism following the termination of an employee by its manager, Sofia, 27. This gained attention after a viral video showed the employee wearing a cross necklace while he was working in the kitchen. 


Sofia, in response, apologized to customers who felt uncomfortable, acknowledging it as an oversight that touched on the sensitivities of Muslims in the country. The manager clarified that the restaurant is still operational and employs staff from China and Malaysia, all of whom are Chinese Muslims, ensuring the restaurant's halal status. 


However, many Malaysians expressed dissatisfaction with the employee's dismissal over personal beliefs. 

They questioned the rationale behind considering the restaurant or its food non-halal simply because an employee wore a cross, especially when the establishment is Muslim-owned and holds a halal certification.


A netizen voiced on social media, "There's nothing wrong with a person wearing a cross at work. Shame on the people who complained about him wearing the cross, and a bigger shame on the owners of the restaurant for letting him go because of this." 

Many perceive this action as hypocritical and demand compensation for the dismissed employee, with some even contemplating boycotting the restaurant. 

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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