S’porean Spotted Filling Up Ron 95 Petrol, Got Mad When Confronted



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S’porean Spotted Filling Up Ron 95 Petrol, Got Mad When Confronted

By JustineG

Not to cast aspersions, but Singaporeans are known for visiting Malaysia to enjoy whatever we offer at the most affordable prices.

Recently, it was declared that RON 95 petrol may only be used by Malaysians to fill up their vehicles, and foreigners are not permitted to do so.

Nevertheless, a Malaysian brought to everyone's attention how this individual, who seemed to be a Singaporean based on his licence plate number, had been filling up his car with RON 95.

When the man was approached, he got mad and even asked the individual if he worked at the petrol station.

It's infuriating when some people just don't grasp important information and try to abuse the law anyhow.

Maybe, there will be some type of resolution to this issue soon.

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