Want Your Relationship To Last Forever? This TikTok Trend Is Asking You To Do This!



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Want Your Relationship To Last Forever? This TikTok Trend Is Asking You To Do This!

By ellephant

TikTok is trendcity, and well, get a whiff of the latest one. 

There is no such thing as being too intimate or having too much affection, and there are multiple ways you can keep your relationship burning bright. 

But, based on multiple TikToks, one of those ways is kissing your partner for 6 seconds every day without fail. 


It is a relationship hack, apparently!

The 6-second kiss rule, is a ritual of kissing your lover for at least 6 seconds consecutively, every day. 

It may not the most spontaneous or romantic method to communicate love, but there is research to support the idea that it can help strengthen relationships.

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According to a marital and family therapist, it can foster connection through a daily action that requires neither talking nor problem-solving making it most appealing.

The sole purpose is to simply create a moment of intimacy.

Here are some of the benefits it brings:

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1. Build a ritual of connection

2. Create physical touch

3. If your partner has initiated it, then its turning towards your partner

4. Boosts fondness and admiration

5. Builds appreciation

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6. Increases your love maps of your partners kissing style

7. Adds to your emotional bank account

8. Can lead to sex

9. Can be self-soothing

10. Can reduce stress hormones and boost love hormones

So, pucker up babes!

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