e-Hailing Driver Charges Passengers An Extra 20% If They Want Air Conditioner During Their Ride



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e-Hailing Driver Charges Passengers An Extra 20% If They Want Air Conditioner During Their Ride

By MJC97

E-hailing services like InDrive are favoured for their ease of use and flexible pricing. However, some drivers have been found exploiting these systems to make extra money in ways the companies might not endorse.

A recent incident involving an InDrive driver sparked controversy after he allegedly demanded an additional 20% fee from a passenger who asked for the air conditioning to be turned on during their trip.

The controversy arose when the driver posted on a Facebook group, voicing his frustration over a passenger's request to use the car's air conditioning. He mentioned that he requested a 20% surcharge for this service.

The passenger declined the extra charge and opted to continue the ride without air conditioning.

"Today, I didn't have the air conditioning on in my car. A passenger during my Grab ride asked me to turn it on, but I told them it would cost 20% extra," the driver wrote. "They threatened to file a complaint against me."


The driver further argued that air conditioning should be considered an optional service, allowing drivers to charge extra for it since it is not included in the standard fare. He suggested that other drivers could also implement this charge to increase their earnings.

His post, however, was met with strong criticism from netizens, leading to its deletion.

The passenger who regularly uses grab and indriver also commented on the post, expressing her disapproval of the additional charge. She identified herself as a long-time user and a platinum member of both InDrive and Grab.

"Please provide your name used on InDrive or Grab so I can block you. I have been using both services for a long time and, as a platinum member on Grab, I have never encountered anything so unreasonable," the passenger commented.

She also shared screenshots of the drivers post and her conversation with the e-hailing services support center in the same Facebook group.


Following the incident, the passenger submitted the screenshots to the e-hailing company for further investigation. The post quickly gained traction on social media, with many users expressing their outrage and condemning the driver's actions.

Many praised the passenger for her bravery in exposing the drivers unethical practice and reporting it to the appropriate authorities for further action.

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