Re-Use Your Starbucks Cup Like This!



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Re-Use Your Starbucks Cup Like This!

By xweienx

Besides their (perhaps slightly overpriced) coffee, Starbucks have been known to get their fans crazy over their merchandise. From their annual planner, to their seasonal cards, to, of course, their cups and bottles. However, aside from the merchandise, the plastic cup that you usually get your drink in also looks great! Many people even clean it up to be used as water cups.  

A blogger has recently shared another unexpected use of the Starbucks plastic cups. After washing the cup, she filled it with perlite nutrient soil and planted some succulent plants! This is actually a great idea as succulents do not require too much watering, so there is no need to worry about having water draining holes at the bottom of the cup.  

The process is pretty simple for anyone to follow. Grab your favorite drink at Starbucks, wash the cups, then head over to the nearest nursery to get some pearlite soil and select your favorite succulents. Fill the cup with soil to just over half of the cup, place your succulent in and top it off with the cup cover. You now have a one-of-a-kind potted plant that can be placed by the window and only requires light watering once a week.  

So, what are you waiting for? Tag your friend or other half and tell them you have a valid reason for a cup of Starbucks now!

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