Studying vs Working: What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Up



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Studying vs Working: What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Up

By xweienx

Growing up, you've probably thought about how amazing it must be to be a grown up. Well, you're not alone. Many students are just dying to get out of school and head into the grown up world where you can dress up nicely for work and buy anything your heart desires!

But, ask any grown up and they'll tell you that your student life might just be the best time of your life. Here are just some of the reasons why:  


When you're a student, you might sometimes feel like you don't wanna get up for an early class, and if you don't show up or get into class a few minutes late, it's not a big problem (even though it isn't right!).

But, try skipping a few days of work or coming in late a few times and be prepared to see human resources and have your salary reduce. Who knows, you might even be unemployed again.  


High school students get at least 2 week long breaks throughout the year and a month long break at the end of the year. Meanwhile, university students might get a week long mid-term break and up to 3 months of summer break at the end of each year!

Compare that to holidays at the workplace which are only limited to your annual leaves and public holidays. There are even some companies that don't adhere to certain public holidays.  


As a student, there's never a lack of plans and activities. Whether it is school programs or just hang outs with your friends, every day is an opportunity for a movie, karaoke session, or shopping therapy!

Meanwhile, follow an average working person and you would most likely be travelling between home and work every weekday. Weekends are then reserved for resting at home.  

Energy Level

Perhaps this has to do with age, but a college kid would be perfectly fine staying out till the wee hours or staying up late to prepare for an exam then heading in for a morning class chock full of energy. And if that's not enough, there's still plenty of life left to hang out after.

Once you head into the workforce, you feel your energy literally being drained from you (especially if you're not doing something you enjoy). Deadlines and reports keep you from properly recharging even if you're on vacation. #SayNoToWorkDuringHolidays!  


When everyone's on the same schedule (as a student) and having plenty of free time, meeting up and hanging out becomes much easier. Planning for vacations is also less of a headache.

When everyone's busy with work and having lesser time and energy to socialize, some friendships naturally fall apart. It's not your fault you're not able to actively maintain all your friendships.  

Interpersonal & Group Relationships

Ever had a group project where someone doesn't carry their own weight? It's alright, you'll all find a way to make it work. Ever had to copy someone's answer or let someone copy yours? Just a simple favor. Everyone has a common goal and are just trying to graduate.

But, once you start dealing with people in the "real world", you'll realize that nothing is as simple as it seems and almost everyone has their own agenda. If you don't do well, you will get called upon. If you don't know something, it's hard to ask for help. Unfortunately, everyone's trying to get to the top, but the space there is limited.  

So, for the students who are reading this, appreciate the time and energy you have now. Those are your greatest gifts so make good use of it. For the employees, it's nice to reminisce the good times, but there are better times ahead!

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