Want To Fake That 7 Hours Of Sleep Look? These Moisturising And Anti-Aging Eye Creams Can Do The Trick



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Want To Fake That 7 Hours Of Sleep Look? These Moisturising And Anti-Aging Eye Creams Can Do The Trick


Eyes are the window to the soul, yes, but if dark circles tend to live rent-free under your eyes and getting 7 hours of sleep is a rare occurrence to you, then your soul is the least of your problem. 


Okay, okay. All jokes aside, here's the truth: at some point in time, you will need to start purchasing a separate cream for your eye area. While it's also true that alternatively, you could simply apply any serum or moisturizer already existing in your vanity to your eye area. However, as you age, the delicate skin around your eyes will require designated care that only eye creams with specific ingredients can provide. 


That being said, one of the very first signs of aging will creep up around your eyes area first. Now, the key to looking young and fresh is constant hydration, especially around your eyes— Crow feet, sagging skin? No thanks. In short, you do need an eye cream in your skincare arsenal. 

If you're new to eye creams and currently looking for suggestions, these beginner-friendly products will never disappoint. Let's find out more: 


• One of the key ingredients to look for in an eye cream is peptides, and this one from Cosrx is jam-packed with it. its fast-absorbing texture leaves the skin around your eye area looking so supple— it's as if you've had enough sleep the night before! (even if you didn't.)

• You can purchase it HERE • 


• Affordable and effective, there's a reason why The Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream is constantly in demand. If you have stubborn dark circles, look for caffeine in an eye cream. It'll help circulate the blood flow around your eye area and ultimately reduce its appearance. 

• You can purchase it HERE

• If you've recently noticed early signs of aging around your area, grab Mad Hippe's Eye Cream— it's about to be your lifeline. It contains anti-aging goodies like niacinamide, caffeine, vitamin E and C, and advanced peptides to ensure your eyes stay bright and fresh like when you were younger. 

• You can purchase it HERE 


Can you use your moisturizer as your eye cream? Why not. But does using eye cream elevate the way your skin looks overall? Absolutely. The choice is yours— at the end of the day, our skin is always deserving of a little extra pampering.

You can find all the products mentioned in this article, and other exciting beauty products; from skincare to self-pleasure— all on Favful.com. Prioritise self-care and shop now! <3

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