WATCH: This 27-Year-Old Is Labelled As Thailand's Most Beautiful Road Sweeper



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WATCH: This 27-Year-Old Is Labelled As Thailand's Most Beautiful Road Sweeper

By sleepingbeauty

The street sweeper, Pattaramon Thocharoen, has now become a popular TikToker, amassing over 300,000 followers on the platform. 

This comes after she shared videos of herself at work, but what caught people's attention was her transformation she had applied makeup and even did her nails, all while working under the scorching sun. 

@241262bp เห็นฉันไหม โดดละเด่นมาก#พนักงานกวาด #ความสุขของอรุณ #เขตจอมทอง เสียงต้นฉบับ - อรุณเบิกฟ้า นกกาโบยบิน

Her appearance has led to her being dubbed the "most beautiful street sweeper in Bangkok." 

However, it's understood that some netizens criticized her for wearing makeup while working as a street sweeper. 

@241262bp เห็นเรา ไหม สรุป#เขตจอมทอง #ความสุขของอรุณ #พนักงานกวาด #เปิดการมองเห็น สามช่ามหาสนุก (ไม่ได้ก็ไม่เอา Ver.) - Pixxie & bamm & Proo Thunwa & DIDIxDADA & LIT Artists

The 27-year-old woman believes that there's nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful while working, as it's a matter of personal satisfaction. 

She also takes pride in her role as a street sweeper, as her father was once a garbage truck driver, and her mother used to be a street sweeper as well, working hard to raise her. 

Simultaneously, Pattaramon also mentioned that her finances are now more stable, as she earns additional income from her side career as a TikToker.

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