"Dream Job!" Netizens Astounded By Saudi Arabia's Unbelievable Work Culture: 5-Hour Workday, 30 Days Annual Leave, Zero Taxes



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"Dream Job!" Netizens Astounded By Saudi Arabia's Unbelievable Work Culture: 5-Hour Workday, 30 Days Annual Leave, Zero Taxes


In a recent Instagram street interview conducted by content creator Torres Pit, viewers were given a surprising insight into the work culture of Saudi Arabia. The interviewee, a local worker, revealed details that left Torres and viewers astonished.

During the interview, Torres learned that in Saudi Arabia, the workday starts at noon and ends at 5 pm, offering a mere 5-hour workday. What's more, employees are entitled to a generous 30 days of annual leave, an unheard-of benefit in many parts of the world.

Torres expressed disbelief at these revelations, prompting the interviewee to inquire about the source of Torres' surprise. Torres explained that in many Asian countries, the standard annual leave granted typically ranges from 10 to 14 days, making the Saudi Arabian policy seem exceptionally generous.

Further adding to the allure of working in Saudi Arabia, the interviewee, who identified himself as an HR professional, disclosed that individuals with five years of experience in the field can expect to earn between three to four thousand USD per month.

Intrigued by the implications of such a work environment, Torres inquired about taxation, only to learn that there are no taxes levied on income in Saudi Arabia, an additional perk that further piqued interest.

Following the release of the interview video, it quickly went viral, sparking widespread discussion and disbelief among netizens. Some even expressed a desire to relocate to Saudi Arabia to pursue employment opportunities and experience the touted benefits firsthand.

Considering the enticing work culture portrayed in Saudi Arabia, would you be inclined to relocate for the opportunity to experience such benefits firsthand, or do you prefer to remain in your current location despite the allure of these enticing perks?

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