【News】WATCH: The Weather Got So Hot In Dubai That They Invented Their Own Rain!



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WATCH: The Weather Got So Hot In Dubai That They Invented Their Own Rain!

A   |   Jul 25, 2021, 18:36   |   57

Turns out Malaysia is not the only country experiencing extremely scorching weather. 


With the weather in Dubai, one of the world's most arid countries, surpassing 50 °C; the government decides to take matters into their own hands by making it rain— literally. But, how exactly did they do it?

In layman's terms, the United Arab Emirates's (UAE) National Center of Meteorology, the team responsible for the project; utilizes drone technology to electrocute the clouds, which triggers the production of downpours to counter the unbearable hot weather— otherwise known as the cloud seeding method.

Imagine a country so rich they can create their own rain. 

However, this method poses a harmful threat to the environment, besides it being extremely costly. It could lead to the acidification of the ocean, ozone layer depletion (which is why we're experiencing the scorching weather in the first place), and many more. Let's hope they do not take this technology lightly. Mother earth is already suffering enough as it is. 


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