WATCH: Funny Kid Tosses Roti Cani In The Air, Ends Up Landing On Baby's Head



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WATCH: Funny Kid Tosses Roti Cani In The Air, Ends Up Landing On Baby's Head

2 Weeks ago
By GraceSundram

@abgmadroticanai shared a video on TikTok recently that has gained attention from netizens. The clip features "Adik Terbang," a young man performing the flying Roti Canai act at a restaurant. 

The video shows the young man, known as "Adik Terbang," performing the flying Roti Canai act for the customers in the restaurant. However, in a momentary mishap, the pancake flew and landed on the head of the customer's child. 

@abgmadroticanai Kan dah kena..di tiup angin,balingan tidak menentu hala tuju..berdebar hati adik terbang bila buat show roti canai terbang di pukul angin boleh tersasar arah.. #Bolehtaqatu #ADIKTERBANG #fypシ゚viral bunyi asal - Adik terbang

The young man was startled but quickly removed the dough from the child's head, apologized to the crying child and the family, and tried to calm the child down, explaining that it was unintentional.

The customers couldn't help but burst into laughter and reassured the young man by saying, "It's okay." The incident took place at a restaurant called Warung Abg Mad Roti Canai in Sitiawan, Perak.

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