GF Breaks Up With BF Because He Didn't Appear In Her Dream After Performing Her Istikharah Prayers



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GF Breaks Up With BF Because He Didn't Appear In Her Dream After Performing Her Istikharah Prayers

By sleepingbeauty

It cannot be denied that performing the Istikharah prayer is one way to seek guidance when making any life decisions. However, it is not a means for us to "predict our own fate."

Recently, a viral story emerged on a Facebook group about a woman who abruptly broke up with her boyfriend because he did not appear in her dream after performing the Istikharah prayer.

In a WhatsApp conversation, the man is seen pleading with her not to end their relationship simply because he didn't appear in her dream. He tries to explain to her that seeking guidance through Istikharah is not as straightforward and that they should make an effort to understand the signs.

However, the woman remains adamant and doesn't want to hear any explanations. The man doesn't give up and continues to persuade her to reconsider her decision. Despite his efforts, the woman remains firm in her choice and doesn't provide any reasons when questioned by the man.

The post had netizens expressing anger towards the woman's attitude, urging the man to move on. Patience, they say, is necessary in matters of the heart.

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