Grandkids Threw Grandma's "Silver Rings" After Reading The Engraving



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Grandkids Threw Grandma's "Silver Rings" After Reading The Engraving


Remember how we used to wear milk carton seal rings? Or a SuperRing snack ring? Well, this grandma is wearing something even more unique - a chicken's ID band!

An old lady in China has been wearing a couple of 'silver rings' on her fingers for years. No one suspected anything.
One day, she took off one of them and left it on the table. Her grandchildren were curious and took a closer look at it. There were 5 Chinese characters engraved on it, saying "Wenchang, Hainan Chicken" (海南文昌鸡). Only then they realised the rings are actually the ID band that used to be cuffed on a chicken's feet.
According to the granddaughter, their grandma does not know how to read which is why she didn't the that the so-called 'silver rings' that she found are actually ID bands.

The sweet grandkids then bought a real gold ring from a jeweller and gifted it to their grandma after throwing away the fake 'silver rings'.

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