"My Parents Never Appreciates Me," Man Disheartened As Mom Discriminates Against His Engineering Job, Siblings All Doctors.



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"My Parents Never Appreciates Me," Man Disheartened As Mom Discriminates Against His Engineering Job, Siblings All Doctors.


A man shares his shattered feelings, expressing a sense of belittlement by his mother, which leaves him feeling worthless.

According to the individual, who anonymously shared his story on social media, his parents have never taken pride in him, given that all four siblings are doctors while he is "just a software engineer."


"Mom always treats me indifferently when I return home. When we sit together, they all talk about medicine."

"I can't join in when my siblings talk because I don't understand all the medical jargon."

This makes the individual feel neglected, and what hurts even more is the way his mother responds to others' questions about his profession.

"My mom acts embarrassed and says, 'He's just an ordinary worker.' Is that so shameful?"


The individual, working as a software developer in the banking sector, feels that his mother sees his job as ordinary and without significance.

"She often dismisses me. Even though I can work from home, take care of her, accompany her, and take her to the hospital for check-ups, she never appreciates it. It's even sadder during holidays."

According to him, his siblings and their children are treated like royalty, asked to eat first, while he has to work in the kitchen before getting a meal.

"I'm just sad that my parents never appreciate me. They never take pride in my presence compared to my busy siblings."

The man is torn about whether to leave the family WhatsApp group because he is constantly hurt by the sarcastic remarks about his job and feels belittled.

"I'm tired of hearing them say, 'You're not a doctor, so it's okay.' Is it wrong if I want to distance myself from my parents for a while? I really can't take it anymore."


What are your thoughts on this? Should he confront his family about the hurt he feels, seeking understanding and acceptance, or should he distance himself from this unhappy relationship?

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