WATCH: This Kind M'sian Offers Money To Delivery Rider With Child, But Hilariously Rides Off During Red Light



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WATCH: This Kind M'sian Offers Money To Delivery Rider With Child, But Hilariously Rides Off During Red Light

By sleepingbeauty

At times, we fail to grasp how even the smallest acts of kindness can wield a profound influence on those in our midst, potentially becoming a wellspring of inspiration for many. 

Recently, a video surfaced on TikTok, portraying a food delivery rider who found himself compelled to bring his child along while completing his deliveries. As per the account of TikTok user @syahmiyem, the individual who documented the incident, the initial observation revealed a rider navigating the streets on a motorcycle with his child as he went about his delivery duties. 

@syahmiyem Terbaik orang Kuantan. Mungkin ini salah satu cara Tuhan nak jentik hati aku untuk lebih banyak sedekah #kuantan #randomactsofkindness #randomactofkindness French Fuse Three Little Birds feat Ryclarkie - FRENCH FUSE

Subsequently, this rider was approached by another motorcyclist, and they engaged in a conversation as one would expect. 

Soon after, the second individual was observed reaching into his pocket, apparently in search of something. Then it was noticed that the kind man had handed some money to the child. And then he rode away.

Interestingly, the man's act of kindness was juxtaposed with a humorous twist he rode away even though the traffic light was still displaying red. Here he was, performing a selfless deed, only to promptly break a traffic law. Maybe he had a legitimate emergency, who knows? Haha.

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