[TW] WATCH: M'sian Died On The Spot In Hit-and-Run, Car Crash Sends Victim Into Path Of 4WD Vehicle



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[TW] WATCH: M'sian Died On The Spot In Hit-and-Run, Car Crash Sends Victim Into Path Of 4WD Vehicle

By JustineG

 A devastating hit-and-run incident on October 10, 2023, has left a family in mourning and a community in shock. The victim's brother is now seeking justice for the loss of his sibling's life.

In the early hours of that fateful morning, the victim, who was preparing to go to work, was riding his motorcycle at 6:15 am. As he made his way through the Forest City area, tragedy struck when he encountered a reckless driver of a Lexus. This individual was allegedly reversing on the road when he directly collided with the victim's motorcycle.

The impact sent the victim and his motorcycle flying into the path of a 4WD vehicle, resulting in a fatal accident. The victim lost his life on the spot, leaving his family and loved ones devastated.


Adding to the distress of this incident is the fact that the Lexus driver, instead of stopping to render aid or report the accident, decided to escape from the scene. Fortunately, security personnel from Forest City and witnesses were able to apprehend the driver. Shockingly, the driver displayed a complete lack of remorse and even retorted, "When did I run away?" He audaciously inquired about the condition of his vehicle while the victim lay lifeless.


The victim's brother, understandably distraught and seeking answers, took to social media to express his grief and frustration over the hit-and-run. He questioned the driver's priorities, emphasizing the value of human life over material possessions. He also raised concerns about the alleged recklessness of the driver, claiming that local residents had previously witnessed him speeding in the area.

As of now, the driver has not provided a statement or offered any explanation for his actions. The victim's brother is determined to seek justice for his sibling and ensure that the responsible party faces the consequences of their actions.

This incident has prompted a call for witnesses to come forward and provide any information or evidence related to the hit-and-run. The victim's brother can be reached at 011-51336916. He has taken this step because the police have yet to provide him with any information beyond the driver's license plate.

The community, along with the victim's family, is now waiting for justice to be served in a case that has left them grieving and demanding accountability.

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