SHOCKING: AirAsia Ride Passengers Expose Driver For Charging Them An Extra RM50 As "Toll Fee"



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SHOCKING: AirAsia Ride Passengers Expose Driver For Charging Them An Extra RM50 As "Toll Fee"

By JustineG

Recently, a local man shared his experience on Twitter, revealing a scam by an AirAsia ride driver. According to his screenshots, he had booked a ride from Kampung Baru to Sunway Putra Mall, covering a distance of approximately 4km, with a total fare of only RM6. 

Unfortunately, the driver was a no-show, yet the passenger was already charged for the ride. Adding to the frustration, the driver also imposed an additional RM50, claiming it to be a toll fee, despite the fact that the passenger never entered the car.

Even if the passenger had taken the ride, the RM50 toll charge seemed exorbitant, especially considering there was no toll between the pickup point and the destination. This incident left many netizens shocked, with some highlighting the potential risks of using card payments for e-hailing rides.

To compound the issue, two more netizens shared similar experiences, reporting that the same driver scammed them the same way. Another individual recounted a scam on Grab by the same driver, where the actual fare was RM7, but an additional RM30 was charged for toll, once again.

It is hoped that the company will take appropriate action to prevent such incidents from happening to others.

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