"Congratulations to my former friend, Ruhainies for successfully destroying this family", Bella Astillah On Her Finalised Divorce With Aliff Aziz



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"Congratulations to my former friend, Ruhainies for successfully destroying this family", Bella Astillah On Her Finalised Divorce With Aliff Aziz

By peachyunnie

Famous couple Bella Astillah and cheating husband, Aliff Aziz have called it quits once more after Aliff filed for a "talak satu" divorce at the Federal Territories Syariah Court today.

The Singaporean artist (Aliff) reportedly made the statement in compliance with Section 47 of the Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984, according to Harian Metro.

In her recent Instagram post, Bella confirms the divorce with her now ex-husband while also saying, "mistakes repeated over and over again are not mistakes anymore but more so a choice and he has made his."

This is in reference to her first divorce with Aliff that happened on May 16, 2019 due to him cheating as well. However, they reconciled after during Bella's 'iddah' period.

Aliff and Bella was married for 3 years prior, on September 9, 2016. 

Actress Ruhainies and actor Aliff were apprehended on March 9, 2024 for suspected khalwat at a lavish condominium that they frequently spent time together in. 

After multiple statements to the public, it has been confirmed and exposed a number of times that the actor did in fact cheat on his wife, Bella, with actress Ruhainies. 

However, they could never bring themselves to admit it.

In Bella's post today, she confirms it yet again by boldly ending her statement, calling out Ruhainies. She says "saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada bekas sahabat saya, Ruhainies kerana berjaya meruntuhkan masjid ini dan anak-anak saya kehilangan bapa mereka".

Bella and Aliff have two kids together, Mohamad Ayden Adrean and Ara Adreanna.

With this divorce, Aliff has granted Bella full custody over her kids. He came to this decision as he believes, as their mother, she has the highest rights over the children. 

The court also confirmed the divorce and Bella, whose true name is Dayang Ara Nabella Awang Astillah, was ordered by the court to go through the three menstrual cycles of the "iddah" period. 

Bella had previously filed for a divorce from her husband on March 11 under Section 47 of the Islamic Family Law Enactment (Federal Territory) 1984, citing "no understanding and no mawaddah (love and affection)".

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