Swimmer Welson Sim shares the 4 Requirements to be his Babe | No. 3 shows he’s a true Malaysian



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Swimmer Welson Sim shares the 4 Requirements to be his Babe | No. 3 shows he’s a true Malaysian


Sensation it is! The Malaysian swimmer, Welson Sim has made it to the trending list of China's social platform - Weibo. This cutie, although with half of his face covered behind the mask, has catches the eyes of many Chinese and for sure, melted many girl's heart. But do you know, this Malaysian athlete is currently single and still waiting for his princess to melt his heart?! 

All my single ladies, now put your hands up!!


Welson Sim shared in an interview on YouTube earlier on that he is currently single and he is looking for girl with these 4 traits to be his only one. 

# 1 - Appealing to his eyes 

Which is very normal that all human likes pretty stuff. To the swimmer, it is always important that her girlfriend's appearance is appealing to him. 


# 2 - Chubby is a yes!

Unlike most guys, Welson Sim prefers chubby girls over skinny girls, which to me, is a huge PLUS POINT to my impression of him. Indeed, curvy is sexy!


# 3 - She must enjoy DURIAN

Talking about a true Malaysian. This guy definitely enjoys his national fruit - Durian and he do wish that his girlfriend is a fan of it as well (at least she eats it). He do wish that he could enjoy durian with his love ones, and not avoid eating it cause of his spouse doesn't like the smell of it, which it is quite uncomfortable to him. But if you are pretty enough, lucky for you, he might just cancel this out! haha~ 


# 4 - She must enjoy eating meat

This Malaysian athlete says that he enjoys eating meat and if her other half is vegetarian it would be difficult for him. As a person who enjoys food, especially meat, he find that having similar taste in food is very important. 


Welson Sim also shares that he don't mind dating someone who is elder than him. In another YouTube channel programme, he did say that he prefers a non-athlete girl. 

So...how many of the above traits have yo fulfilled? Are you ready to be a Mrs. Athlete? 
Hahaha...anyway, we wish the swimmer all the best in his career, and hope that he find someone he truly love soon. 


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