"Tokyo Olympic is bias!" China rage over unfair evaluation in Men‘s Gymnastic Event | Video Attached : You be the judge



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"Tokyo Olympic is bias!" China rage over unfair evaluation in Men‘s Gymnastic Event | Video Attached : You be the judge


Talking about Japan and China, the two of them doesn't seems to be going well together, considering the things, bad things, Japan has done in the past. Although time by time they do trying build up the relationship, but Japan might have just caused another scene in the current Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

The China social media platform, Weibo, exploded after their national gymnast - Xiao RuoTeng, won Silver medal in the Men's Gymnastic All-Around Individual event with Zero-error, while the Japan gymnast - Daiki Hashimoto, won Gold medal even he did several obvious mistakes. 

Users on several China social media platforms, including Weibo and Little Red Book, have been comparing the performance of Xiao RuoTeng and Daiki Hashimoto in the Vault round. The Chinese gymnast landed both feet on the mat, while the Japanese gymnast landed with one feet outside of the mat, however, they both scored the same 14.700. Which is pretty fishy here. 

Again, in the Horizontal bar round,  Xiao RuoTeng landed perfectly and scored 14.066, while Daiki almost fell when he landed but managed to get a way higher score of 14.933. Bias much?


And not just China, the official Olympics account posted an image to congratulate the winner Daiki, but at the same time it invited tons of comments and booing. 

Well, we don't know for sure how did the two performed in actual, and not to say we don't even know how the event is being evaluated. Maybe the Internet is right, maybe they are wrong. But one thing worth pointing out is that the Chinese gymnast, Xiao RuoTeng has shown a great sportsmanship, congratulating the gold and bronze winners. I mean if it really is unfair, then...salute to that! 


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