“A Life-saver When Nature Calls” Japan’s Smallest and Portable Toilet



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“A Life-saver When Nature Calls” Japan’s Smallest and Portable Toilet

By Pineapplesz

A startup company, Kokenawa Inc. produces the worlds smallest and portable toilet called Pocket Toilet and it proves to be very convenient when nature calls.

The founder of Kokenawa Inc., Yoshinori Kokinawa came up with the idea back in 2019. When the city of Nagano was hit by Typhoon Hagibis, it left the residence completely devastated. While he was volunteering to help the victims, he noticed the long lines of people waiting in front of public toilets for a long period of time - waiting for their turn. That was when the lightbulb in his head turned on and the idea of creating a portable and easy-to-use toilet for those who have to go do their business came about. 

The pocket-sized toilet was developed by the company themselves. It measures 7cm in length and about 6.5cm in width, making it the perfect size to fit in any pocket or handbag. Kokenawa Inc. launched the Pocket Toilet and inside it consists a bag that is made of special durable fibers and a box of coagulants, which is a substance that causes liquids or blood to coagulate.

How to use it? Well, its quite easy. The bag can be attached to the toilet seat or even a trash can, and then you can just get on with your business. The coagulants used prevented any smell from appearing even if the excrement was left in place for an entire week. 

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