Alif Satar Not Involved In "Steamy" Scenes In New 'Pulau' Movie



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Alif Satar Not Involved In "Steamy" Scenes In New 'Pulau' Movie

By JustineG

As everyone is aware, one of this week's hot topics is the Pulau movie controversy regarding the 'steamy' scenes and the somewhat inappropriate outfits, which elicited a number of comments from netizens.

Malaysians were surprised to find Alif Satar in the film's cast since he stated that he will not take a role that requires him to be overly friendly or personal with any female roles.

According to insiders, Alif was not part of any 'hot' sequences in Pulau since the director knew and respected his wishes.

"I was nervous as well, but I was relieved because the director understood. He didn't group me with the others in a single scene. I was quite taken aback by how much understanding and compassion there was," he said.

At the same time, Alif has also stated that if there was any difficulty with the situation he was in, they discussed it beforehand.

The actor noted that he knows and understands the audience that was targeted, the appropriate culture, and the style of acting that is suitable for public watching, even though he has been away from the film industry for a while now.

"If I believe a scene isn't possible or comfortable for me to do, I'll tell the director, so yeah, there is a lot of back-and-forth in this project."

He noted that as an actor, he is aware that the target audience for this film is Malaysians, which is why the selected cast is so varied and comes from different backgrounds.

The film Pulau has sparked debate among netizens, as well as criticism, and many believe that such films should not be broadcast in public.

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