Indian Newlyweds Went For Honeymoon, But Bride Went Missing After Toilet Break



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Indian Newlyweds Went For Honeymoon, But Bride Went Missing After Toilet Break

By JustineG

A honeymoon that should have been sweet and blissful turned into a nightmare for a newlywed husband when his wife disappeared in a bizarre manner. According to reports from The New Indian Express, an Indian couple embarked on their honeymoon trip six months after their wedding. However, during the journey, the wife suddenly went missing in a strange twist of events, leaving her husband devastated.

On the 28th day of their honeymoon, the couple planned to take a high-speed train to Darjeeling for a joyous trip. When the train reached Kishanganj station, the wife got up to use the restroom. As the train was about to depart again, the husband became frantic when he couldn't find his wife anywhere in the train compartments. He searched every carriage but to no avail.

Distressed, he reported the incident to the police, and CCTV footage from the train was reviewed, but there was no trace of the woman. The case is currently under investigation.

The mysterious disappearance of the wife, evading all CCTV cameras in such a short time, leaves many questions unanswered. Where could she have gone? The husband and authorities are desperate to find answers to this baffling disappearance. 

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