Local Guy Questions Girl's Trend Of Not Wearing Pants Underneath Their Oversized Tee In Public, Receives Mixed Reactions.



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Local Guy Questions Girl's Trend Of Not Wearing Pants Underneath Their Oversized Tee In Public, Receives Mixed Reactions.


Fashion trends are constantly evolving, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms. In a world where self-expression is paramount, individuals often seek new and unique ways to showcase their personal style. However, a recent trend that has caught the attention of many, including one curious local guy, is the choice by some girls to don oversized t-shirts without wearing pants underneath.


A post on social media went viral as an inquisitive local man, called out girls who like to wear an oversized tee shirt without any pants underneath. He called it a baffling sight, leading him to question the rationale behind the decision to skip the bottom half of an outfit. He openly wonders whether this trend, which exposes a significant amount of leg, is genuinely appealing or merely a product of the ever-evolving fashion landscape.


While questioning the trend, the guy suggested that it is fine for girls with fair and good-looking legs to go "bottomless", but not those with mosquito bites or are covered in blemishes, or those with cellulite texture!


Unsurprisingly, the man's candid questioning has sparked a multitude of reactions from the community. Many explained that there are actually pants underneath. 

Some say that the guy is being narrow-minded while explaining that the foreigners are even more open-minded when it comes to their fashion style.


Some called out the guy's double standard on who can and cannot dress up in such a way. 


Although many are going against the guys' claim, few Facebook users say that they do not find the trend attractive either. 


What do you think of this trend? Should we be given the freedom of how we should dress? Or we should dress up "properly" in public places? 

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