"18+ Harry Potter?" Man Wearing Extremely Short Shorts With Buttocks Exposed Rides on the Handrail of an Escalator



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"18+ Harry Potter?" Man Wearing Extremely Short Shorts With Buttocks Exposed Rides on the Handrail of an Escalator


Imagine being told to take the escalator, but instead, you decide to ride the handrail?! 

An adult male, dressed in a black cropped sleeveless top, ultra-short shorts, and sneakers, was seen riding the handrail of an escalator inside the supermarket from the ground floor to the second floor. This bizarre behaviour was captured on camera and circulated online.


Netizens, upon seeing the footage, criticized the man's actions as highly dangerous and raised concerns about the hygiene of the escalator handrail.

According to a report by "Mothership," this incident took place at the FairPrice supermarket in Bukit Merah Central, Singapore.

Responding to inquiries from "Mothership," FairPrice supermarket confirmed that the incident occurred on February 23, 2024. Following the incident, they promptly disinfected the handrail of the escalator in question.


A spokesperson for FairPrice supermarket emphasized that the safety of customers and staff is their top priority. They expressed relief that no one was injured in this incident and assured that they will remain vigilant to provide a safe shopping experience for customers.

Interestingly, this eccentric individual is no stranger to attracting attention online.

Just 12 hours before the "escalator riding incident" came to light, photos of the same individual dressed unusually and exposing his buttocks while riding the local MRT were circulating online, capturing the attention of netizens.


Netizens are curious about the person's true identity, with some making light-hearted comments about his attire, deeming it inappropriate for public spaces.

Regardless, it is important to remind everyone that riding the handrail of an escalator is extremely dangerous, and it should not be imitated!

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