"I'm Desperate!" M'sian Pleads For Help After His Family Went Missing Whilst On Vacation At Pulau Perhentian Almost A Week Ago



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"I'm Desperate!" M'sian Pleads For Help After His Family Went Missing Whilst On Vacation At Pulau Perhentian Almost A Week Ago

By Ayunie

A plea for help has gone viral on social media as a man desperately searches for his missing family members, which include his mother-in-law, younger brother, and his two beloved children. As of the current moment, they have remained unreachable.

The family had embarked on a vacation to Pulau Perhentian and left their car parked at the Kuala Besut jetty. Unfortunately, the last known contact with them dates back to Friday, September 29th, 2023.

According to the details shared by Ah Pek in his Facebook post, the missing family was traveling in a blue Proton Saga with the license plate JRW 6380.



Concerned for their safety, Ah Pek took immediate action by filing a police report and launching a search operation around the island. Regrettably, despite his efforts, there has been no sign or response from the missing family members.

Local boat operators in Kuala Besut have suggested a possible reason for their disappearance. They speculate that the family might have had to rush to a hospital or clinic, possibly due to one of the children falling ill with a fever. Ah Pek has gone the extra mile in his quest for answers, checking with several clinics in the area. However, this tireless search has yielded no results.


A spokesperson from the travel agency that the missing family booked with also provided information. According to them, the family returned to Kuala Besut jetty by boat on October 1st, as verified by both the travel agency and the boat operator, and that marked the last sighting of them.


The heart-wrenching situation has touched the hearts of many on social media, who are sharing the post in the hopes of spreading awareness and ultimately reuniting Ah Pek with his missing loved ones. The uncertainty and anxiety surrounding their disappearance underline the urgency of the situation, and everyone hopes for a swift resolution to this distressing family ordeal.

Anyone who has information of the missing family members' whereabouts are urged to reach out to Ah Pek or contact him directly at +6017-3360049. Speaking on behalf of Goody MY, we hope that his family members are eventually located safe and sound.

Source: Facebook

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