Netizens Rally Against Questionable Whitening Drip Drive-Thru Service



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Netizens Rally Against Questionable Whitening Drip Drive-Thru Service

By Grace Sundram

No matter what your skin colour is, there are still those who are unhappy with their looks and seek a means to whiten their skin.

The simpler and faster the procedure, the more individuals will be interested in it.

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There is a TikTok account known as @whiteningdripmalaysia93 that is known for providing whitening drip where clients may receive it without having to go to their facility and can be done through a drive-thru.

Not only are the services offered against KKM health protocols and jeopardise people, but there are still many who are interested in the services, leaving many concerned for the safety of others.

Not only that, but some believe that the centre is using an unnamed drug that may cause kidney failure.

As a result, the public is recommended to avoid this whitening drip service.

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Grace Sundram

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