WATCH: This Local Content Creator Living In A PPR Flat, Transforms Her Home Like An IKEA Studio



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WATCH: This Local Content Creator Living In A PPR Flat, Transforms Her Home Like An IKEA Studio

By JustineG

We're all familiar with the concept of creating a luxurious ambience in our homes often involving a substantial expenditure to achieve that appealing and extravagant appearance. 

But what about transforming a low-cost flat into a lavish space? Does that seem improbable to you? Well, allow local content creator @syamimia_ to prove our scepticism wrong.

@syamimia_ the creamy, the better. mini home tour #fyp #aestheticvlog nhạc nền - Moc - NÀNG NẤM HOUSE

Even though netizens have criticized her, questioning how she can afford upscale kitchen appliances and furniture while residing in a PPR flat, it's important to shift our focus towards the inspiring aspect rather than dwelling on how did she do it. 

@syamimia_ Low cost apartment turns to expensive interior with IKEA HILJA for RM59 je #fyp #ikeafinds #aestheticvlog original sound - Syamimia

Syamimia is a lifestyle and cooking content creator who uses social media to share recipes and interior decoration tips. Her posts exude an IKEA studio vibe, offering viewers a creative glimpse into home improvement.

@syamimia_ Design by ⠍ ⠊ ⠍ ⠊ #fyp #foryou #kitchentour #organizingtiktok #7rings 7 rings - Ariana Grande

She has also defended herself, clarifying that none of her furniture or kitchen appliances are sponsored they are mainly self-purchased.

@syamimia_ Satu rumah saya pakai cat warna ni #fyp #aestheticvlog #decormalaysia #dekomalaysia original sound - Syamimia

"My financial commitment is high even though I live in a flat because I'm in Kuala Lumpur. I don't rely on my husband at all, and my flat is entirely low-cost. The house isn't just for video or studio content. I'm not sponsored."

@syamimia_ One week solo project #fyp #aestheticvlog Over Remix By Micky Weekes - KY

Despite receiving criticism about the apparent contrast between her lifestyle and her living situation, she remains steadfast in her values and beliefs.

@syamimia_ Start buat video dekat tiktok, masak-masak, deko dan mini vlog. Tengok dah nak masuk 2 tahun dah. Terima kasih support saya, dekat ig dan tiktok #fyp #aestheticvlog #decormalaysia #dekomalaysia the weeknd i was never there - be

Some netizens support her by saying, "She's living in a PPR flat because, in the beginning, she was in the low. But after affiliating with brands, she could afford all those branded items. That doesn't mean she needs to sell her house."

"Both her parents are disabled (OKU). So, she struggled initially. She's not taking away from the poor. Can't she decorate her house according to her own taste? Does she need to prove she's a B40 by living like one?"

A little background on Syamimia: she was raised by visually-impaired parents who struggled to make a living. Her mother used to work as a tissue seller and was often mocked, being mistaken for a beggar. She promised her mother that one day, she would share her story to dispel misconceptions about visually-impaired people trying to earn a livelihood.

Tragically, her mother passed away due to stage four ovarian cancer.

Rather than harbouring envy, let's choose kindness and show our love and support. After all, she's merely sharing a bit of her inspiration with us.

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